Field equipment

We host a range of equipment for field work or to be rented out – we also help you to access more specific sampling gear

In addition to our range of field equipment ready for use, we also provide services to identify and acquire equipment best suited to your needs. Our existing stock includes, for example,

  • an unmanned multi-copter for aerial photographs and video,
  • a Russian-type peat/sediment corer (penetration depth 10 m in soft deposits),
  • an Ekman bottom grab sampler,
  • plankton nets,
  • waders and a floating device,
  • various field meters, and
  • miscellaneous sampling vessels, tools and materials.

For a more comprehensive list and rental terms and prices, please do contact us.

We are also officially registered as a RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) operator by Trafi, the Finnish aviation regulator.