Our approach

Reliability, credibility, clarity, transparency, traceability, ...

We have solid experience in nuclear waste safety cases and it helps to foster reliability, clarity, transparency and traceability to the needed extent to gain the needed credibility in all our deliverables – also those on other topics. Systematic evaluation of the strength of the knowledge basis in multiple steps of the project is an integral part of our way of working. This also gives a solid rationale to stop when sufficient level of confidence is reached, avoiding unnecessary use of resources. We also utilise systematic tools to analyse system components, or issue parties, and their relationships; for example, interaction matrices.

Typically a full-range project consists of

  • focusing the scope;
  • analysis of the present situation, interfaces and stakeholders;
  • identification or establishing endpoints and compliance criteria (also, when to reasonably stop the research/development);
  • identification of most suitable, state-of-the-art methodology;
  • research and development (our services range from a planning/advisory role to full service);
  • systematic evaluation of reliability of knowledge basis and results, and of the impact of residual uncertainties (i.e., rationales that a confidence level high enough been reached);
  • reporting, with conclusions on compliance with endpoint criteria;
  • active follow-up and post-support.

Some projects consist of selected and/or modified components of those listed above. 

See also our brochure on key services for peat industry (in Finnish only, for the moment).

Our approach - diagram