Here we present forthcoming public activities and examples of our publications

Necessarily this covers only a limited part of the whole range – complete curricula vitae and publications lists for each member of our staff available on request. For a list of near-future events we are about to participate, see the bottom of the page. See also the links to our social media profiles at the top and bottom margins of the page.


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Upcoming events

Meremme tähden 2019

Kahdeksas Meremme Tähden 2019 –tapahtuma järjestetään Merimäellä Raumalla Eurooppa-päivänä 9.5.2019.

TIME – 9 May 2019 LOCATION – Rauma, Finland MORE INFO – Event website >

2019 interim meeting of MODARIA II Working Group 6: Biosphere modelling for long-term safety assessments for waste disposal facilities

Main topics and objectives of Working Group 6:

Systematic, transparent and robust conceptual framework for biosphere assessments for radioactive waste disposal facilities
Scientific basis of long term dose assessments and complementary plausible assumptions
Update/extension of the BIOMASS-6 methodology, including numerical values and models to assess the long term dose to hypothetical members of the public

TIME – 15-17 May 2019 LOCATION – Munich, Germany MORE INFO – Event website >

NSFS conference 2019 - next level in radiation protection

The Nordic Society for Radiation Protection NSFS is a member of IRPA (the International Radiation Protection Association). The aim of the society is dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge and experience on protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. This work is mainly done through arranging general meetings (conferences) within the Nordic countries, where members can meet and exchange views and information.

A NSFS Conference is held every four years and the 2019 Conference will take place at the Hanaholmen Cultural Centre in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland. The theme of the 2019 NSFS Conference is “Next Level in Radiation Protection”.

TIME – 10-14 June 2019 LOCATION – Hanaholmen (Espoo), Finland MORE INFO – Event website >

IAEA MODARIA II 4th Technical Meeting
TIME – 21-24 October 2019 LOCATION – IAEA Headquarters, Vienna International Centre MORE INFO – Event website >