Networks & partners

Together we cover a wide range of expertise in geological, hydrological and biological sectors, radioecology, radiation protection and radioactive waste management

EnviroCase is readily collaborating with the following organisations, among others, greatly expanding the network. Of course, we are a flexible partner to work also with others, and if needed, we can take the responsibility of finding the experts for your specific need.

Saanio & Riekkola

Saanio & Riekkola Oy (Finland), providing specialised consulting services in the field of infrastructure design and radioactive waste disposal (waste management strategy, cost estimations, design, technology, site selection and safety case).

RadEcol Consulting

RadEcol Consulting (UK), providing specialist support (including expertise in radioecotoxicology) to a range of nuclear sector clients.


Facilia AB (Sweden), providing services in environmental health and risk assessments, radiation protection and related software production.

Amphos 21

Amphos 21 (Spain), a group of companies providing consulting services for nuclear, mining, water, sustainability and carbon capture and storage (CCS) & climate change sectors, including advanced coupled geo-hydro-bio-chemical modelling.